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The Get Ready Program works primarily with Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis people, including disadvantaged and at risk groups, looking to work in the oil and gas, and construction industries. If you are like most Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis people, you have too few career opportunities within your community. We also know from first hand experience that a training program without career placement, coaching and mentoring isn’t enough for sustainable career growth.

The Get Ready Program helps your people overcome initial and ongoing barriers to employment and ensures long and successful careers.

Four employment strategies:

1. Job readiness certification – This is a recognized certification that hiring companies want to see on a resume.
2. Employment placement support – We assist with creating the right resume, then make sure it gets to the human resource people who will understand the value that successful completion of the Get Ready Program brings to their company.
3. Employment coaching – Ongoing support after entering the workforce or starting a new career.
4. Career mentoring – We make sure there is a built-in support system that stays with each person on the job site. It will help them navigate any daily workplace and personal challenges that might come up while being away from home, or in a new environment. That support is based on the real experience of empathetic people that have gone before you.


We are a 100% Aboriginal owned company that is committed to helping Aboriginal,
Inuit and Métis people thrive and prosper in the workplace and in their communities.

Our mission is to deliver the best value to Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis people
through pre-employment training, career placement, coaching
and mentoring to ensure your people have lifetime careers.

The vision and leadership for the Get Ready Program comes through Massey Whiteknife. Massey is a member of the Mikisew Cree First Nation in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta and a board member of the North-Eastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association. Massey has completed a business administration program with Athabasca University and is a nationally certified Construction Safety Officer and Certified Safety Auditor with over fifteen years experience in the oil and gas and construction industries as an employee, manager and entrepreneur. Massey has been actively involved in the Aboriginal business community throughout Canada including sponsoring Aboriginal functions and donating his leadership skills to Aboriginal organizations. He has an optimistic view and is a positive role model for today’s youth. Massey is passionate about being a spokesperson for Aboriginal businesses to help them build relationships with larger corporations and connect with Industry. He is passionate about supporting Aboriginal people and communities to reach their full potential.

Please e-mail us at to discuss your specific community needs and receive further information about the Get Ready Program.